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Adopted October 14, 1989, Lost April 12, 2004

We lost our good friend Oliver on Monday. We adopted him from the Humane Society when he was only 8 weeks old, shortly after we got married, and he was our special friend for almost 15 years. He was our first baby and we took him everywhere. Oliver was recently diagnosed with an aggressive tumor and expected to live for only another month. On Monday, his arthritis got the better of him, he could not use his right back leg, and his left leg was barely able to support him long enough to eat or drink. I hand fed him Sunday night and Monday morning. We couldn't even touch him or he'd yelp or be so nervous that it would hurt him - that hurt us so much and his painful yelps just broke my heart.

  He was already on steroids, 2 doses a day, we knew it was time to stop his needless suffering and it was the hardest decision we had to make. As hard it was, we all said our goodbye's and Mike and I stayed with him to the end and Oliver knew we loved him.

My heart is broken and I miss my pup so much, it's just not the same without him here. He was more than a dog, he was so smart, everyone always said he was like a person reincarnated. You could look in his eyes and just about know what he was thinking, and he had a way of curling his lip and making a cute little smile. He brought me my slippers and he'd get the paper. He was the star pupil in obedience school and learned everything the first time, he was awesome. When he was younger he'd crawl into your lap as soon as you sat on the floor, he was such a cuddler; the day we brought him home Mike laid on the floor with him and he climbed onto the small of my his back and curled up into a ball to rest - he knew he was home. He stole our hearts right from the start and he'll always hold a special place there.

Karen, Mike, William, and Nicholas

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