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Mitzie was a wonderful dog. Her favorite thing to do was to play with her ball. Ray would sit by the hours and throw her football. She would run after it and bring it back and want you to throw it again. She also could jump higher than most dogs, as you can see from the attached photo. She loved our grandson, Ryan. She also loved the beach. She loved running in the sand after her ball.

She was a good watchdog too. She loved her family, but she got very protective if someone tried to approach any of us. Even if we were horseplaying, she would get upset and bark if she thought someone was getting hurt.

  She was a good friend. Billie would cook all day and Mitzie would be there right beside her. When Billie would go to the store, Mitzie didn't like being left at home, so she would ride along in the car. Whenever, the motorhome was pulled out, Mitzie never wanted to be left behind. She was a good traveler too.

We miss our baby alot. Thank you Dr. Mitchell and your staff for taking such good care of our baby. We will never forget your kindness. Billie & Ray

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