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  Misty Blue 11/30/94- 7/9/05

On Jan 19th 1995 we Brought home a cute little Puppy. Just as a wiggly fluff ball of fur. With the biggest eyes and the silkiest ears. It was love at first site for us both.

During the ride in the car...that puppy cried and whimpered and cried some more all the way home. Thus why we named her Misty and her two gorgeous blue eyes gave us her middle name of Blue

So Misty-Blue was ours to raise,love and adore till death do us part. She was a Blue Merle COLLIE mixed with Huskey Thus the one blue eye brown eye which is the mark of a true Huskey.

Misty Blue
She Loved the cold Cleveland winters here.

She use to love making nose prints in the fresh fallen snow. The heat wave we are having here this summer, she would have hated. She was a winter dog and loved eating snowballs.

Today when we went to the Vets office to carry her ashes to the car 10 years later, it was my turn to cry my eyes out all the way home. They say what goes around comes around. Well that fact hit us hard today.

Misty was never a healthy dog. In 1995 we found out she had epilepsy.. Ok we had her on meds for that. Then in 2004 we found out her meds for her epilepsy was compromising her liver.. So she developed liver hepatitis. Ok we got that under control.. The hepatitis had her legs at a constant stage of wobble's It was hard for her to take 3 steps into the house let alone at times even harder for her to pee.

But we thought she was getting better till the day it all fell apart.

It all started on Thursday July 7th when she refused to eat for the first time in her life we knew something was not kosher. She was our chow hound and would eat just about anything even lettuce!

So anyway We called the Vet the next day and scheduled an appt for July 9th To make a longer story shorter. We found out that our baby had a stroke and her complete central Nervous system had shut down. And waiting the hours that we did would not have mattered at all. Cause We did think of taking her to ER that same Thurs. But ER would never have access to her complete medical history.

And we wanted her to be with her own DR. And her own DR agreed that the wait made no difference at all. But anyway, when we brought her in Sat morning My husband had to carry her in. By that time she was barley breathing, And She was very incoherent...The saddest thing of it all was that she did not even know where she was or who we were. She could not walk, speak, or eat. Her Dr said there was nothing he could do that would improve her quality of life. Even If we had spent a million dollars it would only be for our sake and not hers.

We just then knew it was her time to be with the lord in puppy heaven. Now she is free and No more pills to take. No more "swallow it" We use to joke if anyone heard that out of context, boy would we be in trouble.

But at one point my poor Misty Blue was taking SIX different medications a DAY!

Misty BlueAnyway our hearts still ache for her just the same. She was the love of our lives and with us half our marriage. She was like our daughter and she can never be replaced NEVER!! She was one of a kind. and everywhere we took her we all got the same responses of "OH what a beautiful dog" Now I will NEVER hear those words again. Misty was my heart and I feel part of me is gone too. I even had to change my e-mail address. But I still see it in the computer and it still hurts so much.


Whereever you are Misty always know mommy & daddy love you and miss you with all our hearts
Someday we will see you again  on that famous Rainbow bridge.

We love you.....Always
Mommy & Daddy


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