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My rottie passed away on wed.s of this week i have had a very hard time with this...she was a leap year baby...this month she would have been 13 years old. The last few years she had some surgery's but came out of them really well, and each time the doctor's felt they had good margins on the tumors. She had some mechanical issues with arthritis but got around really well until the last couple of months.

Any way i guess i was in denial her body wore out. and wed. She did not want to get up so i had been leaving her in the house but leaving the door cracked so she could go outside when she wanted to. i called my mom and asked if she would check on her, at noon my mom called me at work and said minnie would not lift her head come home. When i came home she of course lifted her head and said good bye in my opinion. I cannot stop crying. I know we all die. (bummer) this has really gotten to me and when my mom called me at work i started weeping and the office people heard me. They were nice and i left. But i am not one to cry. I have not stopped crying. This is a hard one and i cannot figure it out i sure do want my dog back. I must tell you i have two other dogs. Minnie was the boss that dog for almost 13 years never took her eyes off me! she was always with me except at work of course. I have not told to many people how i feel, just my mom she feels the same way and has been crying too. she has minnies sister. i am afraid people will think i have cracked. but i must add one more comment even my cat in the picture was so attached to minnie he started caterwalling and complaining they were cuddle buddies. Minnie looked out for all the pets. the chicken shared her food and she loved to lick the cats and keep them clean. anyway i should end this email and hopefully writing this will help me stop blubbering. thank for the out lit


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