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Itís been 5 months since I lost May - I used to come home and see her at the door of the 3rd floor apartment of the building we own. She greeted me with an excited squeaky voice, she so much wanted to be noticed and loved. I did grow to love her very much and she me, and the tears are starting to well in my eyes now as I write. She was a calico who when I first brought her in from a Chinese family who moved, she had kidney problems, she had an attacking problem like seizures (scary), she was not spayed at 10 years old, and had no name, they didnít feed her well either.

  I had just lost Friendly a few weeks earlier and was going to foster her and find a home, but decided to keep her. When she attacked me in bed (I still have a scar under my eye), I didnít know what to do (I thought I donít want to euthanize her, I had to do that with my beloved Friendly which was my first time every and awful).

I tried homeopathy which cured her and helped her kidneys too. She still drank a lot of water but she put on weight and her fur grew in nicely, the old hair falling out all over the place. We got very attached. She loved my room and my bed. I had to put her out at night for years because I was afraid she might attack, but started letting her sleep with me in Aug. Ď02. (She only attacked me, Iím glad she didnít attack anyone else, that would have probably been the end of her!) She was funny and had a unique personality.  She had quirks about her which others I live with thought was weird, but that is what endeared me to her - no one else would have loved her, no one  did except me, so I sometimes think God brought her to me and me to her. The  homeopathy cured her slowly but after a while, I was able to kiss her and  hold her, brush her, eventually clean her ears which usually had a  discharge, with my finger but not a Q-tip. She didnít like me clipping her  claws, though, and she would put her claws in my leg when she wanted to jump  in my lap. I didnít mind, though, because I loved her. She also would try to  use my legs, as a scratching post! She hit her water bowl and watched the  water spill; my wood floor is wrecked there but again, I didnít mind. Others  would not have tolerated her destructiveness and loud crying at night. She  stayed in our little apartment a lot, feeling safe there, but eventually  would venture out in the hall and see Scruffy from a distance (Scruffy was  afraid of her). I always hoped they would become friends but they did grow  to tolerate each other. Scruffy even mourned May after she died (so hard to  use that word).


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