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  Bah windsor’s mai-tai
March 29, 1991- July 8, 2005

Sitting at the window barking to protect us from leaves blowing in the wind

Waiting at the door, wagging your little curly tail when I come home

The “worried” look on your face…even when you are happy

Doing your “wiggling” dance when we scratch your butt

Burying your food under the rug…. To save it for later

Shaking your entire body from head to tail to keep your wrinkles in place

"Knocking” on the door when you are ready to come in from outside

Mai Tai
Putting your paws on my shoulders & giving me gentle mai-tai kisses

A few of the little things I will miss now that we have said good-bye

My dear sweet wrinkled dog girl….my best friend…. My loyal companion

you will always be in my heart.

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