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Koufax (the Mighty Dog) was named after Sandy Koufax, the great pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers.  We got him at the Gastineau Humane Society in Juneau when he was about 4 months old.  He and his brother had been abandoned and were found in a cardboard box in town.  Koufax was all character!   We always said that if we had a dollar for every time someone asked us, “What kind of dog is that?” we would be millionaires. He was the perfect Disney dog!  Koubie was mostly bearded collie, as near as we could tell. He had one blue eye and one brown eye.



He was funny, silly, stubborn, strong-willed, and always loving.  He loved to go camping and hike and “swim’ (he pretended to swim by walking into water up to his chin).  He swam only once his whole life, when he jumped out of a row boat not realizing the water was so deep.  He swam just fine, but he never did it again.  Koufax was just over 14 when he died.  We miss him but we feel his spirit every day. 

Thank you, 

Kevin and Barbara

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