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The Beloved Kit Puppy ~

I remember that first morning like it was yesterday. It was my 6th birthday, waking up bright and early, filled to the brim with excitement, and contemplating what goodies my parents had in store for me. Hearing them tell me to look in the garage…opening the door with complete puzzlement, and seeing what would be the greatest joy I would ever experience in my lifetime. Kit we named her, and somewhere between the silky smooth fur and her infectious joy she would grow up to become a truly special gem and enrich anyone she touched and bless a whole neighborhood.

  From the moment I picked her up from the pile of pillows in the garage and hugged her tight, we became inseparable. Thinking back on the last (almost) 15 years I can’t remember a day without getting into something fun. What comes to my mind first are those thousands of tug-o-wars, to the fliers-up Karl and I would play with her and Bossy (her best Labrador bud), wrapping up in a blanket on the couch to watch a favorite movie, the thousands of races (walks/runs) through the neighborhood, her swimming till she could barely walk at Marymoor park, the Once-a-Round race, the tunnel she’d make in the snow, the way we humans would spell out (“walk” or “squirrel”) so she wouldn’t break a hip dancing in circles with excitement or her dashes after the small critter, and how spelling the words out only worked for about a week before she caught on to that trick. I also can’t forget how she’d always be the center of attention at any social gathering…she was always the complete life of the party.

What I remember most vividly about her and what I have come to truly admire about her was her drive, her constant joyousness; she had this sparkle in her that could make anyone in the room smile. She was always there and made her presence known. If you were sad she’d come right up and lie down on your lap, letting you know everything was okay. And if there was a party, and someone arrived she’d somehow always be the first to be greeted. She had so much energy and lived life to its fullest.

Even in her final days, with her relentlessly painful arthritic hips…hardly being able to pick herself up, she’d still leap with joy at the thought of a walk. And how she’d still manage to run up and try to leap into my arms as I came through the door on a weekend back from college I could not figure out.

Most importantly I would like to add how special a family member she became. It is amazing, thinking how a dog could truly become the centerpiece of an entire family. I have never seen someone with a bigger heart, a sweeter spirit, and a more wise philosophy on life. I can honestly say she has had the greatest impact on my life outside of my parents and will constantly have my admiration, love, and a huge place in my heart. Everyday she has been nothing short of a blessing and the best friend imaginable.

You are truly the best,
All the love in the world

Elliott, Karen and Robert

Posted Nov. 23,  2005  |     Printer Friendly Version