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Kemin came to us when he was nine months old. For the first couple of weeks he would not come out from under the bed. When he finally did come out he was the most uncoordinated animal I had ever seen. He would try to jump on posts and fall off the other side because he'd lose his balance. He would run across the hardwood floors and when he would try to stop he would skid into the wall. He even tried to jump through a glass panel in a door.

Kemin spent the first couple months of his life at a breeders so he didn't know how to act like a cat. For the longest time he would only lay like the Egyptian Sphinx. However, when he saw how the other cats would lye he determined his new favorite position was to lay on his back. He always made me smile, whether it would be by the way he would sit up like a prairie dog or yawl because he didn't know where I was.

No matter how klutzy or odd Kemin was the greatest cat. He always wanted to please me. He knew the rules around the house and he would actually obey them. He wasn't the most cuddly cat but he loved to sit next to me and be petted. He would even pet himself if I just put my hand out for him.

On New Years day I realized Kemin didn't want to use his hind legs. When we took him to the vet they said that it was due to a blood clot and that he had heart failure. I had to put him to sleep on January 2, 2003, he was 12 years old. Kemin is greatly missed but he will always live in our heart.

Your loving family,

Melissa, Jon, Chiena, Baron, L.B., and Esbee
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