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In Memory of our Precious Kelsey

Our treasured little friend Kelsey passed on as we were petting and talking to her. She had been at the veterinary hospital with very heavy breathing which ended up being congestive heart and kidney failure. The doc called to say she wasn’t doing so well. Kelsey waited till we got there to say goodbye. As we pet and talked to her she lifted her head to let us know that she knew we were there then laid her head down and stopped breathing. We are so glad we could be there with her to say goodbye.

  This is so like Kelsey. She was always looking out for us and was so loving and loyal. Kelsey would always remind us if we forgot to give her her pills, treats or whatever. She enjoyed her morning and evening walks. She would give us a gentle nudge to make sure to get a brush, pet or any kind of attention. She knew when Saturday morning would come because she would get to ride with us as we would go to breakfast. The only time she would bark was to let us know when someone was at the door. When she was young, she would do tricks and dance on her back legs for treats.

We were actually “Grandpa & Grandma” to Kelsey. Our son, Jay was attending Central Washington University when he got Kelsey during the summer he lived and worked in Ellensburg. School and football started and we took Kelsey temporarily but of course we fell in love with her and she was ours for good.

We still miss our Kelsey so much and grieve for her every day. She brought so much unconditional love and joy to us and we were so blessed to have her is our lives for 15 years. We have so many happy memories of her years with us.

Goodbye dear Kelsey, you will live in our hearts forever.
Jerry, Loretta, Jay & Lori

May 1990 – Sept 7, 2005
Our best friend Kelsey
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