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Katya 05-15-89/06-05-03

It is hard to believe such a beautiful princess came from such humble beginnings. It was 1989. Katya was a flea-bitten, stray kitten from the streets of Stillwater, Oklahoma, and I was a senior at Oklahoma State. A gift from a long-since forgotten ex-boyfriend, I never dreamed she would become such a wonderful friend, and that it would be so unbearably painful when we had to part forever.

Katya was my miracle kitty. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer when she was 11-years-old, and my husband and I were making arrangements for her euthanasia.


In the hopes of easing some of her suffering, I had my Catholic Priest bless her, sprinkle her with holy water, and anoint her with oil. The veterinarian still can't explain what happened to the cancer, but she was 100% cured a week later. I'm so grateful for those "bonus" three years.

Katya's good fortune ran out in June of 2003 when she developed problems with her heart. It's a common affliction in Maine Coon cats. She didn't respond to medication, and we decided to end her suffering. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do, but it was a relief to see her die so peacefully and painlessly. I will miss her so much. What a tremendous privilege to be able to share the life of such an extraordinary animal.

Katya is survived by two Newfoundlands (Emma and Poncho), another sweet kitty (Henry), and two humans (Kris and Jerry) who love her and will never, ever forget her.


posted August 21, 2003

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