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  My HoneyDew

Dec. 19, 2002 To Aug. 21, 2004

How special you truly were to me I really did not know.

Our love was quiet between us but everyday did grow.

Born such a tiny thing and not thought to live.

I had no idea Bun just how much you would give.


Hand raised from 10 days old, you were a fighter from the start.
How you made it I’ll never know, it must have been your heart.
Such a happy girl you were, always hopping about.
You would try and fool me by putting on that pout.
So hard it was to get a kiss, I’d plea and I’d beg.
At times it was all I could get, to get that feathered tail to wag.
A stroke to your head, down your back, and the flipping of your tail.
Hair would fall over your pretty face, somewhat like a veil.
I would say I love you Bunny and hold you oh so tight.
You understood every word and never did you fight.
In my arms you would stay until I set you down.
Sometimes I think I actually saw a tiny lil frown.
Your favorite treat was jerky and oh what a fuss you’d make.
And you loved to go to Gandma’s house and ponder at the lake.
Grandpa taught you how to dance and give a quiet howl.
You were such a Sweetie and never would you growl.
A treat you would get for just coming in the house.
I also had to watch you for you’d nip right through my blouse.
Something about nipples made you silly as can be.
You would actually look for them and finally one you’d see.
Always such a happy girl but could not jump or climb.
But you would come a running, sometimes falling on your behind.
I miss your lil rubs my Bun upon my foot you’d lean.
Always slow and gentle, never rough or mean.
I knew you were my goofy girl, I would not have you long.
But to know your time with me was short, somehow was very wrong.
When your time came calling, I was so in disbelief.
I wasn’t ready to let you go and face the inevitable grief.
Honey you have taught me just what a short life is worth.
You were one special dog from the time of your birth.
Oh my lil BunBun, how I will miss you so.
The hardest thing I ever did was to let you go.
You were such a trooper Bun, so brave yet unaware.
Souls like you are special and oh so very rare.
You must have come from heaven, to visit just awhile.
Everyone you ever met responded with a smile.
I hope you can forgive me Honey for causing you any pain.
I would have never caused it had I known it was in vain.
Although the pain I’m feeling now is cutting like a knife.
I know I will hold you again my Bun, just not in this life.
I love you so my HoneyBun, you’ll always be in my heart.
And one day soon I’ll see you again and we will never part.
Until then my Sweetie I’ll be thinking of you, my lil soldier girl.
I’ll pat your head and scratch your tummy and give that tail a twirl.
So roam the heavens wildly Bunzy as you could not do here.
I will save our memories in my heart so very dear.
c. Rosenthal Friday, August 27, 2004
(6 days after her death)

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