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She was a sweet gentle cat who never bit or scratched me. A quiet personality who I loved and became attached to. Was devastated at her loss in 6/98 after she stopped eating suddently in APril. Tried to cure her but to no avail. She was affectionate and liked when I kissed her on the back of her head. She came to us in 1989 - dont know how old she was and didn't know she was sick when she didn't play much and other signs. She would jump on the bed when Scruffy came in and intimidated her. .


I miss her alot - her appearance changed as I came to love her more, it could be seen in her photos. I called her pumpkin. She was lost for 5 harrowing days and just when I was giving up,she came in thru window at 3am! In a different town! I was so happy. She was unique - there will never be another Friendly



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