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We had to put our very young dog to sleep yesterday. Just barely two years old, we found out last week that she had lost 75% of her kidney functions. She wasn't eating, she did nothing but sleep and shake for several days. So with a very heavy heart, we decided to try and make things better for her.

Freckles was as much a part of this family as any other member. From the moment we got her, she integrated herself into this family like no dog I've ever seen. She had to always be where ever we were, in fact, sometimes that would drive us a little bit crazy as we would turn around and inevitably trip over her! But she was also very devoted to us and we could easily tell the "pecking" order of the family. She would lay her life down for my wife, then my youngest, then my oldest and finally me. In that order we were placed in importance.

  She was always in tune with each of us. It's funny, I never thought about it until today but at night, when I would stay up late and watch TV, she always knew when I was ready for bed. I could get up 10 times at night while watching TV and she wouldn't budge, but the moment I was ready for bed, she knew and she was up to follow me where ever we needed to go. Little things like that she always seemed to be aware of.

She loved all people, it didn't matter who they were, I never saw her act in a bad way to anyone. And kids were her favorite. My kids pulled and yanked on that dog like crazy and she'd take it. I have a nephew with Down's Syndrome that would hang all over that dog and she'd take it. And when my wife would watch a friend's baby, she'd get all close to the baby while it was sleeping and sleep right next to her.

She had the most beautiful coloring of any dog I've ever seen. As you can see from her picture she was brown, gray and white. It was just amazing how beautiful her coloring was.

Putting her to sleep was the hardest thing I've ever done. She was so young and it just seemed so unfair that this happened. At first, we thought she might have been poisoned but the doctor said it was most likely cogential. I guess we'll never know.

My two girls took it much better than I thought. I thought I'd share this with others in case it might help, but I took a picture of them with Freckles and then wrote a letter from Freckles to the girls and put it in a frame for both of them. I think that might have helped some.

I, on the other hand, am not handling it real well. I feel like it should not hurt so much, but it's hurting really bad. I feel like we did the right thing but I also feel guilty, like maybe we should have tried more. And I miss her. I thought she'd be with us so much longer.


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