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Geneva wrote this essay in 1999 for a contest. Even though she didn't win the grand prize, the essay was one of 10 finalists --- and we will always remember how special these cats are to us. Felix's brother, Oscar is still with us. He just turned 7 in August of 2005.

My multiple cats are sensational siblings because . . . They are best buds.

These adorable twins, once womb-mates, are now my roommates. Not only do they groom each other daily, they love to play together; wrestling and soccer are their favorite sports (besides sleeping).

And whey they sleep, each cuddles with his paws around the other's neck. Never before have I seen two such loving creatures. Felix and Oscar.

Fittingly, their behavior reflects their famous character names: Felix is as neat as a pin and very proper, and Oscar is the free spirit. Brothers, best friends and my babies!

Felix and Oscar


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