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I wanted to share our story of Ernie. We had just moved into our house when Ernie came to live with our family. He had been our family pet but lived with relatives in Florida. When we finally were able to have our own place we had Ernie come live with us here in WA. We were so excited the day we picked him up. He brought a comfort of home and he completed our little family.

We took him to the park many weekends where we would try to feed the ducks while he chased them away. My daughter and I loved to take long walks with Ernie.

He enjoyed playing in the empty fields and getting dirty. He kept us busy and we loved him for that.

Ernie was never much of a watch dog but he always gave me a sense of security. I new he would keep me and my daughter safe. His last few weeks, he didn't have much energy. He wasn't eating but no matter how tired he was, he still found enough energy to play with my daughter. He was such a great friend and such an angel. We miss him so much!

Thank you for your time,

Catherine S.

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