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Sept 17, 1991--Aug 2, 2004

It is with a very heavy heart and tears running down my face that I let all of you know that my first and only HIT Collie, Cambric Hopes and Dreams, CGC, CD, HC, has joined his sister and other family members at the Rainbow Bridge. Jeff came home and found him in the backyard. Hopefully it was quick. The last time I saw him he was enjoying a Milkbone in the shade of our mountain ash trees yesterday morning. Dreamer was the sweetest, most gentle and empathic Collie I have ever known. He was always there to love you or be by your side when you needed comforting the most. He was never demanding, except when it came to the Milkbone at bedtime. He was a favorite of the Vets and Vet students because you could do almost anything to him with no complaints, growls or snapping jaws.

  He helped develop the Ivermectin Sensitivity Test and was the "Poster Boy" in the WSU (Washington State University) Magazine article about discovering the gene responsible for Ivermectin Sensitivity in Collies. He will live on in the WSU Vet School Image Database as a representative of our beloved breed.

Dot & Jeff
Cambric Collies

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