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  In Memory of "Dotty"

May 14, 1993 - August 8, 2003

A chapter of my life ended as my dear and faithful 10+ y.o. Dal, "Dotty" that I had since she was 7 weeks old, passed away sometime between the Friday August 8th and that following early Saturday morning after I had dropped her off late Friday at the vet. According to the vet from the blood exams, due to massive kidney failure as I'd noticed she wasn't eating for over a week, not even her favorite treats and very lethargic and depressed a few days before. Had a feeling by that Thursday evening she wasn't likely to make it as she had lost weight and wasn't that responsive to me.


I was off that Friday and she'd really deteriorated from morning to late afternoon, where I had to drag her out from under the big rhody bush along the side of our backyard fence and carry her to my car to make our vet appointment. Thinking back Dotty was probably looking for her final resting place. Earlier that day I even tried taking her to a couple of the nearby parks we'd usually go to get her spirits up but she would not even get out of the car. Compared to my other dog Buddy, a Lab-Pointer mix around the same age I'd adopted from the Tacoma/Pierce County Humane Shelter at around 5 months after Christmas of 1993, she had been in much better physical shape. But due to Bud's bigger size, he really hasn't aged as well the past 2 years as he's slowed down and not nearly as active. So sure Dot would easily make it another 2-4 years as in late July still so very alert and active, she was even looking fit and trim as I had reduced both their food after she had suffered a torn ACL in her rear right knee back in Nov. of 2001 from playing with my neighbor's black Lab and had fully recovered from it. In a way her passing spared me some tough decisions but thought of missed opportunities as to not having spent some final quality time in her last couple of weeks and not being there for her last moments. Requested to see her for the last time at the vet's last that Saturday morning with my wife & 3 y.o. son and closed Dot's eyes. I requested an individual cremation arranged thru the vet.

If there is a dog heaven, sure she is happy there now. Even though only "Pet Quality" Dotty was descended from showdogs, her parents were both winners in regional competitions and her father's genes are prominent in Dals in the Pacific NW. Her show ancestors were found in some of the Dalmatian breed books. As seen in her photo, Dot had that classic Dal look.

Dotty, I will miss and always remember: Having you accompany me during my evening driving errands to the local stores to pick-up stuff. That you were nuts about any and all car trips while Bud was less so. Seeing your spotted face in the cargo area thru my rearview mirror whenever I drive my Subaru wagon. You sitting in front of me and tapping me with your paw to get my attention. Seeing you run back to our house from the greenbelts across the street. Our daily evening walks in the neighborhood. Having you usually greet me first thing in the morning whenever I went downstairs. Your groans of comfort whenever I tucked you into your bed at night by covering you with your blanket. Your slightly bent tail. The loving licks you gave to Bud to clean his face. The licks you gave to me on the weekend mornings to wake me up in my bachelor days. That you was crazy about the occasional treat of coffee with cream & sugar while Bud was indifferent. That I got you as a 7 week old pup from your mom "Daisy" in Enumclaw, WA during the July 4th weekend of 1993. May 1996 when I took both you and Bud back east by plane to NYC & NJ to meet my family and to see Lily's dogs Goldie & Molly. Since my siblings and parents are all back east in NY/NJ, my 2 dogs were my "surrogate family" out here for several years prior to meeting my wife. On my occasional overnight or weekend trips to Vancouver BC in that time they'd always join me as also welcomed by my friends.

The initial sadness was upon realization that Dotty's presence taken for granted is no more. Still, there are no regrets and worth all their loving companionship and the good times shared. Only thing to do is to remember her fondly and to spend more time with Bud and to appreciate the little time he probably has remaining. Sure Bud misses her too as they reminded me of a brother & sister relationship, their occasional spats, different personalities, but in the end they looked out for each other. Time has and will help to ease the sorrow.

In addition to all of us, May God Bless our special animal friends everyday also. Lily is so great as that following Wednesday we got her card, a small Dal bobblehead and one of Dot's small photos that I had forgotten in a clear frame, even a pkg. of treats for Bud to get his spirits up. But that is my sister Lily for you and really no surprise. I talked with her some more that night and it was a very mutually supportive experience.

Thank You,

Please add this prayer (by Rev. Anne Robertson of St. John's United Methodist Church in
Dover, NH) and these final words to the end of my previously sent story for my Dal "Dotty".

Dear God,

Thank You for sending me Dotty and for allowing her to be with us for a time. She has been such a blessing to us, and our lives have been richer because you gave the gift of one of your Creations. We are now Sad, because our time with Dotty has comes to an end. It is a real loss for us, and our world does not seem as cheery and bright as it was. Be with us in our time of grief, Dear God, and accept our mourning as a form of praise for this love that has enriched our lives. Amen. Dotty, we will always remember you, see you someday at the Rainbow Bridge. Our pets, Special Friends Forever remembered.

Love always. Paul, Ling, and Evan with "Buddy"

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