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My Darius wasnt here for years, but it sure feels as if he was. He was this wonderful and very beautiful bengal cat. Darius had this very weird meow has if he wanted to talk. Even though he was a very big cat, he was scared of heights. He used to climb to the very top of his cat tree and cry out to me for help because he couldnt get back down. He was a very lazy cat and he spent most of his time sleeping. He would only play with toys that contained cat nip. Catnip would make him go bonkers. He would turn into this little silly cat when he would sniff catnip. Even though he had his other bengal companion, Mia, to keep him company, he for some reason did not want me to leave him alone, and would cry out for me. He would follow me everywhere in the house and would often spook me when I would be occupied with things and not notice him there.


Darius had this thing with the way things smelled and would go crazy over my husbands cloths as if he were sniffing his catnip. He would use my husbands shirts for his little bed or like his little security blanket almost. Im having a hard time being without you! Me, family, and Mia miss you! You will always be missed and always remain in our thoughts. I'll always love you, my Darius!

Your mommy,
Mrs. Raquel E.


Posted May 12,  2006  |     Printer Friendly Version