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You would have been 9 years old in March-we just lost you Jan.10 and I'll always be thankful that until that day you were always ready to "go" - to the office, the construction site, or home with me, a quick run on the beach before going in!!!. What the vet thinks took you was a cerebral hemorrhage - so quick for you and we were all there with you, holding you,,,I'm so grateful for that.

This is my favorite photo of our Dakota because the area she came from in North Carolina (east Carolina University) is surrounded by cotton fields. I guess I did "steal" her from my son like he jokingly tells people~~~He was in his last semester and I went to see this little tiny pup, one of 13 who could be held in one hand.

  We lived just hours away and I told him he could concentrate better if I had her at the house and he would see her on weekends. Well, I fell, and fell hard and had her with me in my truck working and she was a fixture in the office and on the sites,,,,,,gentle, like everyone who knew her but enough "watch dog" of a l00k that always made me feel safe when I was with her.

I haven't been able to cross the street to the beach yet and don't know if I'll be able to. neighbors even sent flowers, knowing that we were inseparable and call to check on me occasionally. my husband and son had a lot of rough days but now are strong and claim to be "fine", but I have to hide my tears still. Kota,,,I'm not quite sure how I'll bet by each day here without you~~~~~~~~

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