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You came to me through Pet Rescue, one day away from being euthanized @ 11 months old. Your cage said "fear biter" and Pam (the Pet Rescue lady) said, "This is no fear biter," and had you spayed and microchipped and inoculated. Then she called me to tell me that a Sheltie/Husky mix had arrived.

You were the cutest little girl, but so thin and ungroomed. I stayed home with you for 8 days getting you acclimated to my house, and taking you to the vet's for a complete check-up.


Then, for the next seven years you were the absolute light of my life. Your personality was mellow, your companionship and love was all encompassing, and you were a delight to be around… for me and all of my friends and family.

You loved tame cats and nuzzled their fur, if they let you. But you were pretty peeved on feral cats, and squirrels, and raccoons. You were extremely fast and agile.

You were extraordinarily beautiful, having been on the receiving end of the best of your breeds, and people in cars would stop and ask about you. You loved your walks and would go get your leash and just about do backflips down the hall getting ready to go.

You loved riding in the car and the wind blowing in your face was a real treat, as was a good roll in the grass on a hot summer day.

You had many toys, but favorite of all was a ratty, tatty stuffed pig. Saliva soaked and worn, Piggy was carried from room to room everywhere you went, and you just about went into apoplexy whenever she was laundered.

Who knows why a beautiful little girl, only eight years old, would develop cancer of the sinus. Life is not fair, but you endured so many tests and biopsies with such grace and loving patience. You were a wonder. When the final diagnosis was received you couldn't breathe out of the right side of your nose and your right eye bulged from the tumor. You were very quiet and listless during your final two days, and it was so necessary for me to be with you to talk and love and be together.

Then, when you could endure no more, Mama (with the help of a wonderful and compassionate veterinarian) sent you to the Rainbow Bridge to romp and play and wait for me to finally greet you again.

You are, forever, my darling little girl. My dolly. My precious baby. I will see you again, and we will be together on the other side of the Bridge.

Susan Ballinger
August 9, 2001

posted August 21, 2001

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