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Casual was our neighbor and the neighborhood just isn't the same without him.  He had the typical "laid back" Golden Retriever personality.  Nothing upset him, even the fawning and bouncing of our 12 pound miniature pincher who adored him.  The only part of his body that was in perpetual motion was his tail.

He lived up to his name "retriever" and always greeted us with something in his mouth; it didn't matter to him what it was, a shoe, a broom, a stick.. whatever was handy.


He didn't know that catching mice was a cat's job. Everyday he would wait for the school bus to pick up the kids then he and our dog Macaroni would meet in the fields and go mouse catching.  At the end of their  "work day" they were both covered in mud, but based on the little mouse bodies they both brought home, they had earned their keep.

Casual was a gentle soul. Our kids grew up around him. He was kind to the neighborhood cats and he let Macaroni steal his bones and treats without complaint.

Casual passed away at the age of 15 years but still a pup at heart.

February 2000

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