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One of my children or so I felt him to be left this world today, He was a rust Min Pin and at the still very young age of only 7 months. My children and me thought the world of this little guy we would actually lock him in his cage 20 minutes before when knew we were leaving because he loved to follow us out the door. The only problem was when he went out he would run , and not come to us till he was ready to come back home, but when walking out our front door there was a busy street.

My boyfriend and I had bought him for the kids a few days before Christmas at a pet store we had really planned on getting one from a breeder, and were only going in to look like we always did while in the mall, but on this particular evening there sat the sweetest baby id ever seen outside my own children). He looked at me and I looked at him it was love at first site. I told my boyfriend lets hold him and at least let him out of the cage for a while, I hadn't even really heard the sounds of the store except for his little bark everything else was blocked as soon as the worker put his precious body into my arms I fell in love at he was mine 15 minutes later.


We took him home and the children were over whelmed he was the best thing they had ever saw and told us they didn't want anything else not even from Santa. From that day on he was the sunshine in our house when it was cold outside he warmed our hearts and always will. On the day of May, 10, 2003 Buster had squirmed out right passed me, like he had done a few times before , well at this time one of my children were having a party all the kids saw him and started running after him, which my kids and I knew that if we didn't then he would come right home not to chase him. His little body so fragile, yet strong dashed like he was doing the "Buster 500" we called it in the house across the road and a truck hit him. We went to the middle of the road and picked up his fragile body like before, He was still alive, until we laid him down and watched the puppy we had all come to love take his last breathe. I thought as though I was going to pass out carrying the little body who I had carried so many times around my house while he licked my face to our house. It was so hard letting him go. I'm trying to be strong for the kids , but this baby who we only had a brief 5 months with touched my heart so much.

He will always be loved in our hearts, I've read the rainbow to where we will see him on our way to heaven and it makes me feel a little better. To Buster we love you so much little guy you will be carried into our hearts forever and always be with us little guy.

posted August 21, 2003

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