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Brutus was 10 months old and weighed 1 pounds when he joined our family 4 years ago. Born the runt of the litter, his life was a challenge right from the beginning. An illness infected the kennel where he was born and all his litter mates perished. Brutus was very ill but somehow he pulled through. He came to us through a friend whose daughter could not afford to give him the care he so desperately needed. With the help of our Vet, we nursed him back to health and he soon blossomed into a three pound ball of fire.

Brutus may seem like an odd name for such a delicate little fluff ball, but he didn’t realize he was so tiny. Once while camping he started out after two large Rottweillers, dragging his leash and barking up a storm. Those Rotts weren’t going to get us!!!

Brutus was a major source of entertainment in our home. He got very excited at meal time, yipping, turning his famous circles and moonwalking. No peace was to be had until the meal was served. He was a great watch dog as well, protecting us from such dangerous perils as the fly swatter, slippers and yes even the dreaded refrigerator ice machine. He put on a hilarious physical and verbal “show” any time these menaces were around. He was always so entertaining and gave us countless hours of fun and laughter.

We took Brutus to his final resting place at our long time favorite camping spot, where we will all be when our times come. We love you Brutus and miss you immensely little buddy!!!


Dad, Mom and Kita
Posted Oct. 13,  2005  |     Printer Friendly Version