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Today I lost my companion of 13 years (9/26/1992 - 8/13/2005) – Amethyst Nausicaa O’Chancery aka “Tika”, a Belgian Sheepdog.

Tika became quite ill while I was out of the country, and although I took her to the emergency vet today there was nothing they could do for her. Rather than prolong her suffering with little hope of recovery, I made the tough decision to let her go. I spent some time visiting with her and then cradled her head as the doctor administered the sedative overdose.

She’s been struggling with health problems for the last few years, so at some level it was just a matter of time. But it is still so hard to lose her. She was my companion through graduate school, countless moves, internships, my first “real” job, my marriage to Rick and the birth of my two sons. She has lived with me longer than any other living creature – except my mother and brother.

I will miss her.

Tika – I hope that your suffering is over now and you can run and play as a puppy again with your canine friends and relatives that are already at the Rainbow Bridge.


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