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Sport was a cute little Siamese kitten with a pink bow around her neck, just waiting for a willing human to take her home. Almost 20 years ago, my life changed. The pink bow was all for show. It was a scam; this little fur ball was a wildcat.

If cats could talk Sport would have said to live life like this:  Be curious and bold; take charge when you want something (annoying noises work best); take no prisoners (bite, scratch, or barf when in doubt); never do anything you don’t like; hold out for only the best food and sleeping quarters; purr and primp when you’re pleased (especially with yourself); and be nice to your friends.

This little gal had fun, was truly loved, and went out of this life on her own turf. I would call that a good life.




Posted Feb. 17,  2006  |     Printer Friendly Version