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  The temperature was supposed to drop to 20 degrees. Cold enough to freeze ears. So it was on November 10, 1997, the decision was made. The little black and white cat who had been roaming our daughter's neighborhood for over 6 months was coming home with us. We thought about finding her another home. After all we already had two cats but this little girl, named K.C. (kitty cat) by our grandkids and who we renamed KC Spooks, Spooks for short, just wormed her way right into our hearts. We would keep her!

One Spring day in 1998 my husband put a harness and leash on her and took her out for a walk. He never thought this would be the beginning of a daily occurrence with her begging just like a puppy to be taken out. She loved going out and you never had to ask twice if she wanted to go.


She gave "wet willies" and chin rubs when she was in super love mode which was most of the time. Unlike most kitties she didn't take naps during the day but spent all her time with us. However, she slept like a log in bed with us at night. A raised voice would cause her to jump on your lap and put her paws up to your mouth. We always said she was our British Shorthair's aerobic instructor as this 7 pounds of energy chased our 14 pound boy through the house. She would race from window to window when deer or rabbits were in the yard. She had an unbelievable understanding of the human language and didn't hesitate to sass back when disciplined. She loved to be in the kitchen with us when we were cooking. She would just sit on the counter and watch as if learning so some day she could do it herself. She would sit by the window waiting for us to come home and then race to the door to meet us.

In June (2005) we realized something was wrong and in July our Spooks was diagnosed with lymphoma of the small intestine. We were so hopeful we could get it in remission. After all our Spooks wasn't that old - maybe 9. We had only had her for 8 years and nothing could happen to her! Eating became a problem. She had no appetite. The drugs/medicines weren't working. Nothing seemed to help. By late August we knew we were loosing our battle, remission wasn't to be. But even when she was her sickest, the "wet willies" and loves still came. Early in the morning of September 30th she started struggling to get her breath. The light in her eyes started dimming and per our promise to her to not let her hurt we took her for her last doctor's visit.

She must have known her time on earth was going to be short because she packed a whole lot of living and loving into it. In the 8 years she was with us, she burrowed right into our hearts and now we are left with a tremendous void in our lives. Spooks we love you and miss you so much!

Your mom and dad.

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