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About 17 years ago our family was in the front yard playing when a huge work truck came flying down the street. I screeched to a halt and the driver jumped out and started to poke around the bottom of the truck with a tire iron. All of a sudden a small kitten fell from the truck. The driver said he had no idea how it got up in there and we could do what we wanted, then off he went. Our two kids, daughter 8 and son 2, cried, "Mom we have to rescue that kitten". I went over to the bushes and this small little fluff ball jumped right into my arms and immediately started to purr and rub her head on my face. What could I do but bring her home. Since our daughter already had a cat of her own this would be our son Jason's cat. He named her Scamper.

Scamper has been with us ever since. This year Jason started college and Scamper was here to see it. She was always loveable, always purring, always right there in the middle of things, like one of the family.
I can hardly write the rest of this story because as you know Scamper passed away recently. She battled hyper-thyroid disease for about a year but finally just couldn't go on.

She will always have a special place in our hearts and family. We miss her terribly but know she's happy now.

Wendy L.


Posted Feb. 3,  2006  |     Printer Friendly Version