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Our little Sadie girl
Oh, how we miss you.
Your love, kisses and snuggles can't be replaced.
Your smile.
Greeting us at the door.
Telling us all about your day, whooo, whooo, whooo.
Schnauzing out the car window, the wind blowing through your wiskers.
Playing ball, running through the yard,
dancing on your back feet.

Scrubbing your back, moving your head and hiney from side to side and groaning because, Aaahh it felt so good.
Our hiking and fishing trips you so loved.
Chasing turkeys and squirrels.
Counting cows.
Riding Banshee's and mowing the lawn with Dad.

Always by Mom's side.
Our little Sadie girl

Oh, how we miss you!

Troy and I would like to thank WSU, Ashley Creek Animal Clinic and Calm Animal Care for helping Sadie to live a quality life and supporting us during the difficult times.

Troy and Michell

Posted Oct. 13,  2005  |     Printer Friendly Version