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My Sable was so little when she came to us. We used a board as a ramp so that she could get up on the bed. She was so stubborn, that she quickly learned to do it herself. She saved my dog Rocky's life. He fell into the pool one day and she barked until someone paid attention to her. My dog Rocky had fallen in the water and was hanging onto the pool cover!

She always loved cheese, just like me and she was cuter than any stuffed animal I've every seen. She always waited at the door for us to come home and would greet us with lots of kisses. She was gentle with my two-year-old and always knew where the party was.



August third, 2002, we were having a party and both of my dogs were gated upstairs so that they wouldn't escape. They were comfortable with food, water and air conditioning. Sable kept barking, and I would throw them up treats for some temporary quiet time. I remember being busy with the guests arriving and not hearing her high pitched bark anymore…..I thought, "Good, they went to sleep".

A short while later, I went up to let them out and she didn't come to the gate. Right away, I knew that something was terribly wrong….and there she was, lying on my son's bedroom floor. Our lives will never be the same. We love you and miss you so much, Sable. You will always be in our hearts…and we'll see you again one day.

Lisa, MaryAnn, Robert, Adam, and Rocky

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