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  Nunzio Rocky

It was New Years Day, 1993 when a friend who knew we were looking for a puppy, called us. She told us that her neighbor had a pup that they no longer wanted and were going to him euthanised the next day. We went to their house and saw this beautiful, all black pup, about 5 months old with long ears. He appeared to be part poodle & part cocker spaniel, but very thin from not getting proper care or the proper food.

  When he saw us , his tail wagged a mile a minute and he jumped on our laps and began licking our faces. It seems that he knew that we were about to save him, and he liked us immediately so naturally we brought him to warm and cozy home. We had several dogs before , but Nunzio had the best disposition of any dog we ever saw. He became so attached to us that always had to near one of us. He loved us so much that if we were gone for a long day, he would not eat or let our daughter bring him out to do his nature call. He would just lie there waiting for us to come home.

Every Sunday morning he had to go for a ride in our red truck. He would lie in the kitchen doorway waiting for us to finish our breakfast. We always wondered how he knew it was Sunday. When anyone came to our house, he would greet them and then go to his toy box and bring them one of his toys hoping they would play with him. He was the most lovable dog we ever saw.

Alas, 2 years ago he developed Cushing's disease and on the vets advice we had to feed him only a special low protein dog food. Recently he became very picky eater and some days he would not eat at all. Some times when he did eat he would not hold it down. After several tests, the vet said that along with the Cushing's disease, he also had a problem with his pancreas and thyroid. The vet gave us medication to give him, but there was no improvement and he appeared to be in much pain. On November 23-04, we decided that we should end his pain and suffering, and though it broke our hearts, we had him euthanised and cremated.

As we stated earlier, Nunzio Rocky brought us 12 years of Love and Happiness which we also gave him, in return. Being senior citizens, we are not looking for another dog right now, but if and when we look again, we hope to find one with the same disposition and love that he had. It disturbs us when someone says " He is only a dog" They do not realize that if you love your pets, they return that love and become part of your family. Thank you for listening to our story of our special little guy. God Bless each and everyone of you at your facility . Good night and be well, and I know that you can understand why we wrote this special story of our Dog , who is no longer in pain, and is in peace now . And we are at peace too
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