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As I stood looking at the litter of 11 Dalmatian puppies I was sure I wanted a female. I picked up a male and quickly put him back down. I walked around to the other side of the box and picked up another. It was the same puppy! That was the beginning of our 11+ years together as Nike choose me to be his caregiver in this life. We shared many wonderful adventures in that all too brief period of time. Nike loved warm weather and having his own way. He was a mighty hunter and counted birds, moles and mice among his prey.




He loved to follow the riding lawn mower around the yard and then go in the woods to dump the clippings. He loved to ride in the truck and if the door was open he was getting in! As he grew older, he spent the cold winter nights in the garage huddled under a blanket with a heater nearby. In his final moments I held him on my lap and through my tears attempted to comfort him. I felt the life leave Nike's body as he quickly slipped away in peace. Nike was my best friend and soul mate who just happened to be a Dalmatian that left his paw prints all over my heart. When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. Nike has become my treasure.

Marcy N.


Posted March 3,  2006  |     Printer Friendly Version