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Nemo was an alley cat, found in Chicago in 1992 at four months old. He made his way into my home and heart, and was my best friend for thirteen years. Diagnosed with Squamose Cell Carcinoma, he was brave and courageous – hiding his suffering under the mask of old age. I couldn’t allow him to suffer or feel discomfort, pain and let the cancer attack the better part of him; and had him put to sleep in his home on 16 April 2005.

Nemo is survived by his long time companion Max. Nemo will be missed as grief is felt by the loss of him – his kind demeanor, gentle disposition, and true loyal nature. His scanning eyes over my face will be missed, as well has his greeting of a good morning meow, and waiting by the window for my return home. His upturned chin lifting at my sight, with murmur of hello will be forever gone from my daily life, however will live on in my memory of his character. I was welcomed to have him for his immutable love and care, and the symbiotic nature of our relationship shared.

I am fortunate, and forever blessed to have known him, and been able to be a part of his life as well as have him connected to mine.

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