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I was 18 when I got Neiko. I would take him to "Grammy's house" every day when I went to work so that he would not be alone all day, so he could play with other cats. No matter what though, I was who he wanted to be with. As Nieko grew up he went through many phases. For a while he was rotten to the bone, always wanting to chew on people and play really rough. But when it came to me, he was always kind and loving. As Nieko matured he outgrew that. No one could come to our house and not like him. He would look at them and say, "You will like me before you leave this house." About 4 years ago I introduced to




him a "brother" kitty named Bug. Nieko took him in and nurtured him and gave him confidence. Nieko taught Bug how to be brave, for he was such a shy little kitten. They instantly bonded and were the best of friends.

Neiko was hardly a normal cat. He was very much like Garfield in the movie Garfield. He had attitude and spunk, yet tons of love to share. And he was FAT too! 28 pounds of kitty at his heaviest. Gosh how that cat loved to eat his food and my food and the dog's food. Nieko had no shame when it came to food. And if you were trying to ignore him and not share, he would reach up and pat you as if to say, "Please mom, I want some too." What I would not give to have my kitty back. I loved that boy as though he were my child. Whenever I was sad, he would sit with me and sing to me and try to make things better. Just one look from him and you knew you were loved by someone special. Nieko was special.

When he got sick it happened very fast. I noticed one day that he wasn't as happy. I noticed that there was pain in his eyes. Try as he did to convince me he was fine, I had begun to have dreams of losing him. Then suddenly, he had an eye infection so I took him to the doctor only to find out that he was dying. That last day Nieko and I spent together was the hardest day of my life. I knew that I had to let him go but didn't know where I would find the strength to do so. But it was like he was saying that everything was going to be OK and that although I would miss him, he would always be with me. I had made a pot roast the day before, which was his favorite, so we had a "last dinner" and he ate until he was stuffed. Then he went and laid down for a bit. After his nap he came to me and just wanted to be held. All I could do was cry as I held onto him. This upset him though, I could tell. But when the time came to take him to the vet so he could sleep, as I was holding him he put his arms around my neck and hugged me for a very long time. It was as though he was saying goodbye to me. I lost Nieko on Thanksgiving morning. I lost a huge part of my self that morning too. I do believe that Nieko is with me and in my home. There are times I tink that I see him out the corner of my eye. If only I could hold him one more time. I lost more than a pet when I lost Nieko, I lost my best friend too. Although I still mourn for him, he had a good, long life and he was loved. I miss him deeply, but know that he is in heaven now and watching over me and we will be together one day again.

Cassandra A.

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