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  Miss Rudi

I first met her at 4 weeks old and brought her home to live with me a day before her 6th week birthday. Having one blue eye and being the smallest were endearing and cute qualities but also made me not want to take her because of the potential problems both those things can hold. I wasn’t sure what to do, take her or not; but she knew. From then on, Miss Rudi was a huge part of my heart and many days, my whole heart. She was with me always, from running errands or traveling to other places, to volunteering in a k-5 school to simply hanging out with friends.

From the beginning I knew that something was off about her but I didn’t know what. At almost 2 years old, she started changing. I took her into my vets, we did every test we could but could find nothing wrong. Then one day she had a seizure and we knew she needed more than we could get her in my town.

Miss Rudi
  I rushed her up to WSU vet school the next morning where they worked on her and came up with a "tentative" diagnosis of GME. GME is a neurological condition they can’t really diagnose except for by product of elimination or a brain biopsy, which for obvious reasons isn’t practical. One month after I brought her home on medicines, Miss Rudi had 10 seizures within 6 hours and I had her put to sleep. Because of all the knowledge and care we received at WSU, I knew what was happening and was able to prepare. I’m so thankful for every day that we were able to be together and the love we shared. Thanks to WSU vets for helping me to love my puppy to the fullest in this life and literally hold her through her physical death.

My name is Lexi, I’m 27 years old and also a wheelchair user. Miss Rudi was my companion animal and did more for me than I ever could have imagined. She definitely lives on in my heart and is with all those people she met in her two short, yet very full years. Special thanks to my vet who contributed in her name to the Pet Memorial Program and also to the ladies of Park Place who did the same. Miss Rudi gave out a lot of joy in her life and for me, that joy will never stop. Please contribute to this program in honor of the little loves in our lives to possibly help the lives of our future loves.

With loving memories of my beautiful girl Miss Rudi Lou, my heart continues to smile.............

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