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Mick, our precious little black and tan dachshund passed away recently. He will be forever remembered for all the joy and love he brought to our hearts everyday we were blessed to have him with us. Mick became affectionately known as Chopperdawg. Being a custom bike builder I spent a lot of time in the shop working on motorcycles. He would stay in the shop the entire time I was there. I placed a carpeted area in front of the shop wood stove where he would sit and watch over me. Although his small stature, only 8 pounds, he was often referred as the shop guard dog.




Mick would ride in the truck on my lap looking out the window as we drove to town, growling at the livestock that is in the rural area where we lived. Mick used to walk around the perimeter of the yard at our home only to reinforce his guard dog status. Mick loved to sleep in his own area of the house as he had a blanket in the closet and spent his nights in his own domain, racing out at the sound of my alarm each and every morning. Mick was a very loving pet and very playful with our older dachshund Coco. They raced around the house every evening and during the day they sat on top of the sofa watching for my daughter or me to return home everyday. We loved him dearly and his antics were second to none. Mick has a very special part in our hearts and is loved by all that he touched during his lifetime. We will always remember you Mickey Thomas.

Rick and Cari S.

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