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  My Marley Dog

When my ex roommate, Jennifer, called to say she had found a dog who needed a home I agreed to meet Marley and give it a trial run. I opened the front door and in came this big fury dog that went straight through the house and out the back door into the backyard. He made a quick check on every shrub and plant in the garden before running back into the house. Marley sat down right in front of me and seemed to look up and say this will do just fine. That was that, he moved in and took over. Being part Collie and part Aussie he was very comfortable being in charge. I do miss the constant nagging the minute I came home from work to feed him, get the leash out and go for a walk. It was constantly saying with that high piercing bark, lady what are you doing wasting your time lounging on the sofa. He didn’t even let me sleep too long. Past 6 AM and I had better get up and get going. Marley, Leo and I miss you.


Posted Dec. 12,  2005  |     Printer Friendly Version