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  Lady Malia Lani of Bear Creek

9/20/1993 – 9/24/2005

Dear Friends & Family,

3 months after being diagnosed with cancer, Malia past away last Saturday night. While Elizabeth and I are sad about the physical loss of our pet ("our puppy"), we have some comfort knowing that she is no longer in pain and has lived a fulfilling life.

Some of you may recall me bringing home Malia when she was just 8 weeks old. As a puppy she was a chewer, a licker, and a drooler. And throughout her life, she never changed. :) Her favorite toys were the stuffed ones mainly because she liked tearing them apart and pulling out all the fibers. I think she just liked doing it to see us scream and laugh. Malia always liked to please the people she was with, and loved everyone unconditionally.

She touched our lives.

She lives on in our memories.

She was the best dog I ever had.

You will be missed, Malia!



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