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Mac was truly a beloved member of my family. This picture so aptly describes his personality. Mac always took time out to smell the flowers. I had two Scotties at the time…Mac and Brodie. If Mac somehow got out of the house, he was always easy to find; he was always at the first flowers that he encountered. If Brodie got out of the house, it was a different situation. He is always looking for adventure, and truthfully wants a passport for Xmas, I think. I have owned four Scotties (plus a Cocker Spaniel, German Shepherd and a Cairn)…and loved all of them, but each had such a special and unique personality.

  Mac Mac was probably the most genteel of the bunch. He loved to smell the flowers and took time to do so. If he were human, he would INSIST on a five star restaurant, white linen, with all of the accoutrements. Always the gentlemen in whatever he did. Mac and Brodie have always slept on my bed since they were crate trained. What can I say? One of the most endearing things I remember about Mac is that on the rare occasion when he was sick during the night that he would go to the end of the bed to throw-up because he didn't’t want to upset me. Interesting….he was never scolded for being sick; he was just so incredibly polite! Thank you so much for your kind letter. It tugged at my heart all over again. My Brodie is very lonesome without his life-long brother, so I am going to Idaho the second week in October to pick up his new “bro.”


   Posted Sept, 12 2005  |     Printer Friendly Version