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Our daughter was a counselor at Camp Kirby the summer of 1995. The caretaker at the camp had a purebred golden Cocker Spaniel that had given birth to a litter of black pups (father unknown). There was only one pup left and the owner told me they were taking “her” to the pound. We took “her”. On the drive home the pup was jumping and wiggling as my daughter held it. I took one look and said “we had better start thinking of boy names, because that is not a girl”. So he was dubbed Kirby.

Although he acted as though he thought he was very large, he looked like a miniature black lab. He was one of those dogs that you would swear understood every word you said. We always thought he could have learned anything.

The summer of 2005 he started coughing so we took him to the vet where xrays determined he had a mass. We took him home hoping for the best, but it wasn’t meant to be. Kirby passed away in August 2005 exactly ten years after we adopted him. We loved him a lot and we will miss him.

Judy M.

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