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Kathmandu, or Baby Kat, was a wonderful kitty. She was a rescue from our local animal pound. She was due to be put down the next day and I had to put a euthanasia hold on her. Her unique name comes from the great city of Kathmandu in Nepal, where I had just returned from only a week earlier, so that's how she got her name. She loved to lay on my bed and watch the television. She will be forever missed and I think about her every day and her little dainty ways.

Thanks to everyone at the Circle of Life Vet Hospital for helping me try to save her. I only had her for 6 short years, but will think of her for the rest of my life. Thank you for giving me a chance to tell how wonderful she was.

Amy F.
Posted Oct. 25,  2005  |     Printer Friendly Version