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There was something very special about "Honeydu". He was a pure bred Arabian Stallion and the kindest horse you can imagine. A full brother to VP Khalua world champion Arabian mare, although he didnt rise to her fame in the show ring, he did in our hearts. Many times people would come by just to see him. Once at a show in Olympia, Wa. this elderly Native American man stopped and asked if he could touch him he said there was something spiritual about him.

Honeydu affected all people who came in contact with him this way, you loved him right away. As a halter horse or a Carriage horse he always gave his all. His goal was to do as you asked him to do. well done Honeydu, dear friend, we will always love you and miss you, hope the grass is deep and tasty where you are now. You were a gift from heaven.

Thank you so much for your kind words we are very grateful

Sincerely Charles and Helga


Posted Oct. 31,  2005  |     Printer Friendly Version