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A Little About Hazel "Beeper"-A Beloved Tortoiseshell from Juneau Alaska

I loved her before I even met her. All it took was seeing her photo and the statement, "Needs good home due to recent injuries" in the June 1991 "Pet of the Week" ad. One or two when she joined our family, Hazel was our beloved cat for over 14 more years. Shy, but gentle and loving--quiet, but loaded with personality, she filled our hearts and our home. She must have belonged to someone before she came to us because she had been spayed, but somehow--we can only speculate on her early life-- she ended up on the streets, and was found caught on the razorwire at the local prison before being rescued by the humane society. Somewhere along the line, she had also sustained other abuses--broken bones and bb shots. In spite of all of this early misfortune, she was a wonderful cat and openly accepting of us and our home.

  In September of 2003, she was diagnosed with chronic renal failure, and thus began the final chapter of her life. For over two years, she bravely endured numerous treatments--subcutaneous fluids, oral steroids, epogen injections--and maintained a good quality of life. She outlived all her prognoses, as well as our original expectations when we learned she had this debilitating disease. Although she slowed down,and undoubtedly felt the effects of her illness, she remained loyal and courageous, right through her final moments. We sadly had her euthanized during the early morning hours of 9/18 at home, after she had endured a night of increasingly difficult seizures and it was clear she wasn't going to recover from them.

We miss her terribly--there is a hole in our heart where our kitty should be. But we have many good memories to sustain us and we are grateful to all those who helped us care for her or sent good thoughts her way. Hazel: Love you forever, and you with all my you whenever, we're together, love you when we're apart.

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