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We recently lost our beloved black Labrador retriever, Griffey (Sir Griffith Dagmar, Jr.). He was almost 13 years old. We knew Griffey from birth. He was the sweetest dog. I knew he was the one for me when he crawled up into my lap and fell asleep when he was just a couple weeks old. When he was a puppy we lived on some property that had a 200 acre alfalfa field behind it. We would take him for walks and you could just see the tops of his ears flopping up and down through the tall alfalfa as he ran like crazy! He loved to run and he absolutely loved the water.




When we moved from Eastern Washington back to the West side of the mountains, we lived on the bay for about 4.5 years and every day we would take him to the beach to run and swim. It was wonderful! We always loved to see him "running" across the water when he would go to jump in. He was truly unique and offered his love to us unconditionally. I feel as though I have a hole in my heart, I miss him so much.

When my husband and I started our family Griffey loved our girls from the start. He was always sweet and kind to them, even as young toddlers when we were teaching them how to treat and be kind and loving to our pets. He was very patient with that. My oldest daughter loved to play with Griffey out in our yard. Griff now has a nice place to rest just behind the girls' swingset. We even made a gorgeous cross for his grave. We always know that he is with us in our hearts and he can be with us to hear us laugh and play when we are outside.

Griffey will live in our hearts forever.

Sean and Amy L.


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