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Dot came into our lives February 21, 2000. It was Haley's fifth birthday and Jamie was two. Our daughters were clearly "dog people" and we knew it was not right to deny a dog person a dog for long. We got Dot from the animal shelter, expecting to find a mixed breed puppy. She was the perfect addition to our family.

It was always so nice to return home knowing that Dot would be there to happily greet us. I miss stroking her soft, velvety ears. I loved the way she'd look right into my eyes with the most understanding and accepting expression. I will miss her tapping tail that grew louder and faster in anticipation of being petted. I will miss how she conveniently discouraged any solicitor with her barking. I miss knowing as we sleep that she is downstairs ready to alert us if needed.

We trusted her completely with the girls. She had endless patience with being brushed or dressed up, in fact she loved every bit of physical contact she got. She was a fifty pound lap dog, she would fall asleep when she was sung to. We never needed to vacuum a single food crumb in our house with Dot around. On hikes she would sprint up ahead on the trail but would frequently check in with each of us in turn before bounding up ahead again, she was keeping us safe.

Dot, we will love and miss you forever.

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