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In October of 2005 I had to euthanize my Danny, an 18 year old Morgan. He was a big 1200 lb. lovable and dependable friend whom I shared hundreds of miles for the past 15 years. Danny adapted well to all situations and became a mountain horse. He was a great driving horse, steady with enthusiasm, and our route from home was 15 miles at a trot with a few spots of cantering up some inclines.  Adding to his versatility Danny was a pack horse and he packed the tools that made the most noise, rattling and moving where others might not have been so tolerant.


He was slow, but steady. Danny was also my parade horse and I quite often would move to the side so the children could pat him. He loved kids; our grandchildren would always hop on him bareback. Our son, Bob, felt he owned him while on his visits here to ride Danny on Poker Rides and work on trails.

We have had many horses in the past that were euthanized, but never one that had been with us for so many years that had been so versatile. Danny had gone through a very bad episode of founder late this summer and his x-rays proved there was serious damage and it was obvious he would never be comfortable. So ends Danny’s adventures with us, but we have all the memories of our wonderful four-legged friend. I am sure that the kids in heaven are hopping on his back and laughing with glee. How lucky they are.

Jiffie H.


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