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When my husband and I moved into a little cabin on a lake in Seward, Alaska our neighbor's yellow lab, Copper, soon became a part of our family. We would spend hours tossing sticks into the lake for him, launching a baseball deep into the woods for him to search out, or seeking out the largest log he could possibly retrieve. We loved him like he was our own pet while we lived in the cabin for four years. We then started building our own home about three miles away in a different subdivision. We hadn't ever walked Copper to the new home site, but he had made a few trips in the truck.

Much to our amazement and surprise he came walking down the driveway one afternoon. We thought his owner might have been at our neighbors, but he wasn't anywhere around. We couldn't believe Copper had found his way to us. This happened several more times and we were beginning to get the idea that he was adopting us. His owner often worked long and odd hours and soon realized Copper was spending more time with us than at home. With his busy schedule as a police officer and often being away for training we agreed that Copper could come live with us. He gave us many great years of unconditional love and companionship and definitely had an impact on every human he met. He was also a great role model for his little brother Rerun. We can only hope that he is running pain free and has an endless supply of 4x4's to retrieve because for Copper the bigger the better.


Lisa and Ed
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