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Chiquita, January 4, 2000

Protective, Intelligent, Loyal and Loving. In other words "Chiquita" "One of the Girls". 

Incredible is indeed an understatement. She brought peace in times of conflict. Love at times of despair. Hope at times of surrender. A friend at times of rejection. 

She should have been named "Angel" for she surely was. A mind so superior and a heart so radiant with love and peace. I speak in behalf of my family that I no longer have, when I say We love you, Chiquita. We thank you for all your loyal years of love, devotion and dedication to our lives. 

I will forever remember you, and I am eager to join you at the Rainbow Bridge. Life could never be as good without you. 

You lived a life of giving without ever expecting. You never held a grudge or sought revenge. Just love and understanding and a wish for peace. With your chin held high, you accepted life for it's good and it's bad. You showed courage when others could not. You had very broad shoulders and carried much more than could ever have been expected. 

You are perfect. We could not have wished for a better friend and partner in life. You will always be in my heart, Chiquita, just as we were always in yours. We thank you, Chiquita, for blessing us with your love and devotion. 

We will be together again sweetheart. Until then......I love you. Glenn 

posted November 17, 2000
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