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Buck came to us in 1993, in Southern California. His age was estimated to be 3 years. For 2 weeks, he roamed our neighborhood, stealing food, pooping on our front yard, and sleeping on our neighbor's front porch.

After our neighbor told us that she's had it, we took Buck in. He became Toby's (our other dog) best friend and follower. Buck always let Toby take the lead, but at times, Buck throws punches. Coming home from work one afternoon, my husband found Buck hanging on to the side of the pool. His nails were gone and paws bloody from trying to get out.

Shortly after moving to the Seattle area in 1999, Buck was diagnosed with Addison's Disease and Chronic Bronchitis. He started taking 8 pills daily and visited an internist regularly. Despite all these, he had a big appetite. On a road trip one day, Buck was irritable and would not stop barking until we gave him a biscuit.

The last week of August 2005, Buck's condition deteriorated. It turned out that he had bladder stones, a bacterial infection, arthritis and an ACL injury, plus Addison's Disease. He was consulting with 3 doctors, had acupuncture treatments and was getting shots 2x a week for his pain. On his last night, Buck became limp and would not even eat. We wouldn't let anyone tell us that Buck should be euthanized, but that day, we knew that it was time to let go. It was the most difficult decision we ever made.
We have Buck's ashes on our fireplace shelf, and we light a candle for him every night. We know that he's now at peace.

Buck, you will always hold a special place in our hearts. We love you and we miss you. We'll see you at the other end of the rainbow bridge.
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