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On October 27th 2005 my Best Friend " BESSIE " passed away. She truly was my best friend. We understood each other on a realm beyond here and now. It feels like a huge hole in my life with her not here with me. She was a very frightened stray who appeared quite wild. This was about 10 years ago. I would talk gently to her as she hid under the garden shed. I would slide food under to her. After a few days a bowl of cream brought her out and into my arms....we bonded forever at this moment. A few years later I became very sick, almost to the point of dying, she kept me going on days I felt so alone and like I wouldn't make another day. She was there constantly for me...wrapped around me.

We both began a new life with a major move. I had 3 more wonderful years with her. With my health improving, she started having health problems.

We guessed she was about 15 years at this time. She showed signs of Hyperthyroidism. With our move to Seattle, we began our wonderful relationship with Burien Veterinary Hospital. Through their loving, compassionate care they helped keep my Bessie alive and going for another 3 years. With their help we had her thyroid radiated at the Feline Centre for Hyperthyroidism in Seattle which was completely successful. It was like she had a whole new life. She looked fabulous after being treated. At the same time she was going through this I also was having difficulty with my thyroid
and had to have it removed a month after Bessie's treatment. Shortly after her recovery her lab tests showed her kidney was deteriorating due to kidney disease. Bessie's vet at Burien Veterinary Hospital did warn me that thyroid disease can mask over kidney disease on lab tests. I would do it all over again to have the extra time I had with Bessie. It was precious time we had together. We began the twice a week infusions and medicine for her kidneys. She did very well for a year and a half. She quickly won the hearts of the staff at Burien Veterinary Hospital. She very peacefully passed on Oct 27th. But she will never pass away from my heart, spirit, soul and memories.

I do not know where Bessie came from, or what her exact age was, but I believe in my heart she was a gift sent from heaven to me. She has now returned to her home there. I miss her so very much. I believe I will see her again someday.

Laura Z.



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